Fifty years ago, a group of university professors and social activists started on a journey to address the social issues of the 1960s. Today, University Research Co., LLC (URC) has grown into a global company of more than 1,000 employees with offices in over 40 countries. Although the organization has transformed and grown far beyond those early days, their drive to empower communities and systems to adopt change that matters in health, education, and social services remains constant. URC’s non-profit affiliate Center for Human Services (CHS) have historically been at the forefront of public and private sector efforts to introduce change and innovative approaches based on evidence and operations research to assure results that can be rapidly brought to full scale.


As part of TGI’s Blanket Purchase Agreement with URC-CHS, we provide ongoing translation support and website translation services for the REACH project, which supports the Global Reading Network, a global collaboration aimed at improving the effectiveness, sustainability, and scaling up of reading interventions in developing nations.


As part of the REACH project, TGI assisted in localization and translation of the BLOOM interface software and instructional videos in Swahili, Arabic, French, Bengali, Nepali,Bahasa,Hausa and Indonesian. See . This ongoing effort also includes translation of documents such as the “Enabling Writers Guide.”


We worked closely with the software developer to translate each YouTube instructional video from English to the target languages named above. Additional languages will be added in 2017. We also work closely with the localization company to provide appropriate translations for the REACH BLOOM website.