Special Olympics International (SOI) is a global outreach campaign to open the world to acceptance through sports of the almost 200 million people worldwide who are afflicted with Intellectual Disabilities. SOI athletes see themselves for their abilities, not their disabilities. When they become accomplished and empowered as a result of their accomplishments, a whole new world is open to them.


The SOI global community is growing every day with a present count of 4.5 million Special Olympics athletes — ages 8 years old and up — who come from more than 170 countries. Translators and interpreters are needed to bridge the language barriers and unify this unique group of athletes.


SOI selected TGI as its translation partner to bridge the language barriers across its global offices and establish consistency in its messaging. Our work started with the translation of select content of the SOI website from English to 5 primary languages – Arabic, Chinese, Korean, French and Russian. To accomplish this, our Translation Portal accepted content in .xliff files formats and actually transcreated the SOI logo into required languages (see graphic). Other projects that created unique challenges include:

  • Translation of a series of Health forms that had to be kept at one page (see sample).
  • Translation of the Young Athlete’s Guide with numerous graphics.
  • Translation of the Fit 5 Guide that included health food choices and demonstrated various exercise stances.


We established Translation Policy to maintain consistency of language across all global markets. We established a Translation Memory for SOI to effectively reduce costs of translation work by leveraging matches of words and phrase throughout the SOI workflow. We also provide access to our Translation Portal to SOI reviewers so that projects can seamlessly move from initial translation to final production.