Select USA is a global outreach organization that helps foreign investors interested in locating facilities within the United States get the information they need to make critical decisions about their investments. At seminars and other events, Select USA offers resources, identifies relevant federal programs, demystifies federal rules and regulations, and links businesses with partners or resources at the state or local levels. Select USA provides direct and personalized introductions to economic development organizations (EDOs) –the essential local partners of any business investor. EDO representatives provide guidance, incentives, and a range of other services at the local level.


Events such as the Select USA Investment Summit and related events are a convenient and cost-effective way for business investors to meet state, territorial,tribal, regional,and local economic development representatives from across the U.S. under one roof. Select USA has increased its presence at industry events both domestically and overseas where investors want to learn more about U.S. locations.


We worked very closely with the event management team to ensure that only the best simultaneous interpreters covered the event. Equipment was provided and management of interpreters and technicians was necessary throughout the event to ensure everything ran smoothly. The event was opened by President Obama and several high profile speakers attended. Months prior to the event itself, Effectiff was tasked with translating the Select USA Summit website and registration information from English to eight (8) languages–Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish,French, and German. Click on link for more details : #SelectUSASummit


We translated the 2016 SelectUSA Summit’s website and registration into eight (8) languages and provided interpretation equipment and simultaneous interpreters in five (5) languages, including American Sign Language and CART. The event was a major success, and our performance at this important event was a key factor in Effectiff being awarded the 2017 Select USA Summit language services management contract.